Combine expert storytelling with cutting edge video production capabilities and unrivaled technology marketing acumen. That’s Binary Pulse – the light behind Illuminator Videos.

Visual Storytelling

Every discussion we have, every concept we nourish, every video we produce…is driven by our commitment to providing that moment of clarity that inspires action. We build stories that distill your product or service down to its most relevant essence and visually communicate those stories in ways that are meaningful and motivating.

Video Craftsmanship

Binary Pulse has produced thousands of hours of video content for companies of all sizes – from zealous startups to billion-dollar behemoths. Our scripts are written in intuitive human-speak, not corporate drone tone. We bring together a broad spectrum of approaches and techniques – from live action to motion graphics and 3D animation. Whatever the story calls for, whatever your brand requires – there’s an Illuminator option that’s right.

Visionary Marketing

When your video is complete, that’s just the beginning. Binary Pulse can maximize the value of your videos with optional integrated marketing services that drive results. Truth be told, if you only want the video, we’ll still ask the right questions up front so that your videos satisfy your broader strategic objectives.