Optional hosting services provide actionable information about how your audience is interacting with your video.

See Who Visits

With our optional hosting services, your Illuminator Video can deliver you powerful analytics. Connected into your integrated marketing efforts, you’ll see who received videos via email, who followed a social link, who clicked to play, and who shared the videos. This helps you identify the most receptive audiences and best venues for your various videos.

Learn What Works

Beyond just who watches your videos, you can see what they watch. Our analytics engine can reveal what portions of your videos viewers watch, re-watch, or skip entirely. This information can result in a rewrite that simplifies your message. Or reveal a topic within the video of particular interest. Or indicate that your video can end ten seconds earlier.

Make Informed Decisions

With better information, you can guide your video marketing effort more capably. Determine which videos garner the most interest. See which venues attract the most viewership. Reveal new or the most interested audiences. Then take this insight and plug it back into your marketing automation system, SEO strategy or sales plans to move forward with confidence.