Our world-class creativity combined with our proven methodology delivers big ideas without a big cost.

We check off 57 discrete steps in our video production process. Don’t worry, we won’t describe all of them (unless you ask us to.) Here are the broad strokes:

1 Concepts & Discovery

You might come to us with a clear and ready concept. Or, you might want to toss the ball back and forth a little with our team. Either way, our goal is always to remove ambiguity so that we all share an identical vision. Leveraging our structured input form and follow-on discovery call, we’ll help shape the most relevant creative approach for your project.

2 Script & Storyboard

Scripting and storyboarding give structure to your video. These iterative steps ensure we voice and visualize your story in a way that’s meaningful to your prospects and stylistically connected to your brand. This step also lays out the roadmap for the production stage.

3 Production

Now, we breathe life into the video. Motion graphics, illustrations, typography, footage, voice, music – all coalesce harmoniously. Rest assured, you’ll see progress throughout the process to confirm all expectations remain aligned. At the end of the process, we’ll master your video in the desired format(s) and package them up. (If there could be a bow on a video, we’d tie one on there.)

4 Hosting & Analytics

With our optional hosting, we can provide detailed analytics that make it clear which parts of your video are a knockout, and which parts might need a little fine-tuning. You’ll get insight into how best to use your video as part of your broader integrated campaigns.