Explain Complex Technology Easily with Video

Video is a great choice when educating people on technology-related topics and products. The more complicated the technology, the bigger the need for a visual explanation.

One reason for this is that video simplifies complex concepts. Concepts that would require dozens of pages to describe with the written word can be communicated in seconds using video – often in a more clever or memorable way than other delivery methods.

Another reason video is perfect for educating on technology topics is that images resonate with viewers instantly, bypassing the interpretation process required by the brain when reading. In fact, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.

Video tends to elicit a more positive response than other forms of knowledge transfer. This may be because video originated as an entertainment experience rather than from a scholarly or business need. Watching a short, informative video doesn’t seem like a chore in the way that it might if you were asked to read a set of data sheets or an instruction manual. It’s better for retention, too. Research in adult learning principles shows that humans retain only 10% of what we hear and 20% of what we read, but over 50% of what we see.

Let’s compare video with some other popular methods of information delivery to show why video is the best choice for technology education.

Video vs. Printed Information
A printed guide can prove indispensable over time. Most of us have at least one dog-eared reference book or manual that we use again and again – which is great if you’ve already invested in a product or service. But if that product or service is being introduced to you, it’s not likely you would select “reading the manual” as your top choice for learning about a given topic. Why? Because it feels like homework. And unless you have actual passion for the topic, it’s going to be a task to endure.

Video vs. Live Webinar
Webinars are ubiquitous in the world of education. Webinars have the benefit of transmitting information to dozens – or hundreds – of participants simultaneously. But webinars are usually long. This makes them great for gaining deeper knowledge and for a bonding, conversational experience with the presenter. But webinars are usually too lengthy to support early marketing efforts. Rather than providing the most information, short videos provide the most important information to your customers and prospects in the shortest amount of time.

Video vs. In-Person Presentation
A skilled presenter can use an in-person presentation to inspire the audience into action. But that presenter can only be in one physical location at a time. So if you happen to be explaining a product or service you’re trying to sell, an in-person presentation is certainly part of the story, but think of it this way: communicating the information with a video is like sending your best salesperson with her best presentation to multiple locations at once. And unlike a face-to-face presentation, a video delivers the same information in the same purposeful way, every time – it never has a hard day or forgets a key messaging pillar.

Video vs. Hands On
There’s nothing like a hands-on experience to really understand a product. But hands-on demonstrations aren’t going to drive sales of every technology product. For one thing, many offerings in the B2B sector are complex and can involve multiple layers – for example, hardware, software and workflows – for the solution to function as intended. Some elements of an end-to-end solution may not lend themselves easily to the “hands-on” approach. And for some products, hands-on is better left for a deeper training initiative. A short video, on the other hand, can explain the basics of even a multi-layered solution fairly easily and quickly, especially suited for those in the earlier stages of their buyer’s journey.

In Closing
Although every medium has its benefits and drawbacks, when it comes to complex technology products and concepts, video is simply the quickest and most reliable way to highlight a technology product in the shortest amount of time.